Sugar mill gearbox

planetary gearbox for sugar mill
Meet EVER-POWER, who Epitomizes reducing edges technology and route breaking innovation that have made us supplier of preference for Sugar companies. Backed by a confirmed track record, spanning well over six decades and powered by unwavering excellence, Ever-power is all set to meet up the changing requirements of the Sugars industry and turn out technologically superior item every once in awhile. Join hand with Ever-power and guarantee a strong long term of your business.
· Heavy duty Planetary gear box for Sugars Mill direct drive – Foot Mounted / Shaft Mounted type.
· Helical and Bevel helical Gear box for various application
· Couplings
· Loose gears
· Dual Tandem Gearbox
· Custom made build Gearboxes and Couplings
· Planetary Gearboxes have higher mechanical rating in comparison to parallel shaft Gearbox as the energy being transmitted gets equally distributed among three to five streams in each stage thus reducing the induced stresses which quite definitely optimizes the size aswell allows to support higher ratio to get rid of open pair.
· The reduction in living area when compared with conventional drive i.e with open gearing, almost to the tune of 50% decrease in floor space.
· Heaviest gear internal such as annuli are stationary therefore requires simply no bearing and automatically boosts the stability and reduces the Vibration level and subsequently noise. Low noise degree of 80-85 db as well as low vibration level increasing to 4.5 mm/sec may be accomplished.
· Direct drive removing open up gears, bearings for same, coupling among secondary gearbox and Open up agricultural gearbox Gearing – thus saving 5 to 6 % power intake. For instance, for a 45×90 Mill for power 1100 kW which also contains the drive power of TRPF/GRPF we are able to get a saving which is approximately equal to 20% of the additional expenditure for drive-part i.electronic. within five seasons additional expenditure is definitely recovered and sugar starts earning additional Income for this reason solution.
· Planetary Gearbox possess an advantage that the earth bearings are just loaded where as in the event of Bearings supporting Sunlight or Carrier loads are more or less nullified by virtue of higher simply no of planets and their equal and opposite forces.
· Lubrication of planetary gearbox is quite simple as the rotating gear train partially act as pump hence allowing splash lubrication.
· We are proposing three-to five stage planetary gearbox in each stage Sun is input and carrier is the result keeping annuli stationary as well acting as casing and supported on saddle as proven in Drawing.
· Ever-power’s machine capability cuts the internal tooth of annulus to the accuracy of DIN 7 or Grinds if required to the accuracy course DIN 6.
· Quick Details
· Place of Origin:
· Hngzhou, China
· Brand Name:
· Ever-power
· Gearing Arrangement:
· Planetary
· Output Torque:
· 19~2835 (kn*m), 19~2835 (kn*m)
· Input Speed:
· 500~10000 (r/min)
· Output Speed:
· 400~2000 (r/min)
· Applicable Industries:
· Manufacturing Plant, Energy & Mining
· Certificate:
· ISO 9001:2000
· Weight:
· 1.1-5.25 T
· Rated Power:
· 30~60304 (kw)
· Export Areas:
· Russia, Southeast Asia, India,South Africa, Australia
· Rotating Ratio:
· 36~44/ 37~41
· Input Rotating Number:
· 750~600
· Transmission power:
· ≥ 0.96
· Power:
· 630~2800Kw
· Product description
· 1.Adopt the modular design, alter and combine in accordance to clients’ demand.
· 2.The gearbox is constructed of the gray iron to greatly enhance the rigidity and anti-vibration of the box.
3.Both sun gears and planetary gears in the gearbox are made from advanced nickel-chrome steel, whose accuracy reaches.Low carbon alloy rigid steel equipment, suitable for low velocity and durable reducer. HRC58-61 after becoming grinded through carburizing and quenching heat therapy to lessen the noise and enhance the efficiency and program life of the whole machine.

4.Roller press reducer adopts evolvent planetary equipment for the transmission, which reasonably utilizes internal and external meshing and power dividing. Featured with light weight, small volume, large transmitting ratio range, high effectiveness, low sound and well-adapted ability, the product is extensively employed in the industrial departments of metallurgy, mining, crane transport, electricity, energy, construction materials, light sector and transportation.
5.Output methods: the internal spline type, the hollow shaft contraction disc, the spline type and the solid shaft smooth key.
6.Input strategies: the concentric coordinate, the helical equipment input, bevel gear-helical gear input and bevel equipment input.
7.Set up form: the horizontal installation, the vertical set up and the torque arm set up.
8.The products have 9-34 kind of specification. The planetary transmitting stages are split into dual stage and triple stage. The quickness ratio is 25-4000, which is greater when coupled with CR, K and R series.