worm gear unit

Starting from these considerations, we have a gearbox with a engine mounting flange that’s separable from the casing which incorporate the essential oil seal; in this manner we avoid any risk of damaging the oil seal in case of replacement of the insight flange and the O-Ring could be eliminated.
All the aside covers, swinging and with foot, have O-Rings rather than traditional flat gaskets.
The sizes 03-04-05 allow the rotation of your feet without disassembling them; furthermore the variations with swinging apart covers allow the lateral flanges to become installed on both sides with worm gear unit simple fixing screws.
The worm screw has a ZI involute profile: with this worm-wheel coupling we will get a better performance with a temperature reduction.
The gearboxes and motors are painted with RAL 9022 aluminium colour epoxy powder to safeguard the parts from oxidation and against micro-blowholes that can come through the pressure of die-castings.
The CHPC pre-stage gears (already present in the catalogue of CHM) may also be mounted with this range, finding a gear ratio up to at least one 1:300. For bigger reductions can be done to have two gears jointly using an appropriate kit