6-80 Series CV Wide Angle Universal Joint And Shaft With Guard


6-80 series CV wide-angle universal joint and shaft with guard with 1 3/8-6 spline, auto-lok connection and 1 11/16-20 spline, telescoping connection

Constant velocity (CV) wide-angle gimbal assemblies allow for smooth machine operation through a wide range of motion. The included universal joints allow the machine to be designed with the input shaft in the optimum operating position while allowing the operator to maneuver as desired. CVs provide constant power by self-canceling out torque and speed fluctuations typically found in single gimbal joints.

Performance Advantage

Design Features
Easy Lock Guard System: Provides full coverage at maximum angle, full 360° friction welded seams on the guard, black coloring that is UV and ozone resistant, cold weather impact rated to -35°C, meets and exceeds all applicable safety standards, The removal and installation process is simple and quick.
Yoke: Interchangeable with all other EPT yokes and standard yokes on the market, cast iron collar, through holes to keep debris from collecting inside.
Cross and Bearing Kits: High torque capacity and longer life, manufactured from high-quality steel for strength, standard kits can be upgraded to or interchanged with electronic kits.
Our team’s domestic and metric product lines use the same component design.


Spec. Imperial Metric
Bore 1 1.37 inches 35 mm
Bore 1 1 3/8-6 SPLINE
Bore 2 1.75 inches 44 mm
Bore 2 1 11/16-20 SPLINE
Compressed (Closed) Length 43.13 inches 1096 mm
Compressed Overall Length 53.88 inches 1369 mm
Connection 1 AUTO-LOK
Connection 2 TELESCOPING
Extended Length 68.00 inches 1727 mm
Extended Overall Length 78.75 inches 2000 mm
HP@1000RPM 179 HP 133 kilowatts
HP@540RPM 117 HP 87 kilowatts
Length 53.88 inches 1369 mm
Outside Diameter 7.75 inches 197 mm
Shipping Dimensions 44.59″ L  ×  7.75″ H  ×  7.75″ W 113cm L  ×  20cm H  ×  20cm W
Shipping Volume 2678.19 in3 43888 cm3
Shipping Weight 54.22 pounds 25 kilograms
Weight 54.22 pounds 25 kilograms