44 Series PTO Drive Shaft


44 Series PTO Drive Shaft with 1 3/8-6 Spline Quick Negative End Yoke to Disconnect Cross, Bearing Kit, and Bearing necessary for tractor hookup and Hookup of Implements
EPT’s High-Performance Drive shafts offer the most effective driveshaft options for the Agriculture and Lawn & Turf industries. Propshafts from EPT are complete assemblies that include everything from the tractor up to the implement. They are engineered to be used continuously and are suited to the needs of large contractors and farms. EPT PTO prop shafts, as well as CV wide-angle PTO prop shafts, can be interchanged with conventional PTO prop shafts available on the market.

Performance Benefit

The design was created to have adjustability (cut into length) ability.
Interchangeability can be adapted to most competitor models.
Available in square and splined shaft profiles. Available in splined and square shafts.
Simple latch construction makes it possible for rapid and simple assembly or disassembly with simple tools like screws, keys, or coins.
The Extended Lubrication Electronic Kit helps reduce time to repair by allowing 50-250 greasing intervals
High temperature and hour triple-lip seals hold grease better.
Support for sales and engineering to customers.

Design Features

The Easy lock Guard System: Offers complete coverage to the max angle, with full 360deg friction-welded seams on the guard, black color which is ultraviolet and Ozone resistant to cold weather impact rated to -35 degrees Celsius, which meets and surpasses all applicable safety standards The removal and installation process is quick and easy.

Yoke: Interchangeable with other yokes in the market and standard yokes. Cast iron collar with through holes to prevent debris from accumulating inside the.

Kits for Cross and Bearings With a high capacity for torque and longer lifespan Made from premium steel for strength. Standard kits can be upgraded or exchanged for electronic versions.

The EPT’s domestic as well as metric products share the same components.


Spec. Imperial Metric
Bore 1 1.37 inches 35 mm
Bore 1 1 3/8-6 SPLINE
Bore 2 Minus End Yoke
Compressed (Closed) Length 50.00 inches 1270 mm
Compressed Overall Length 60.00 inches 1524 mm
Connection 2 YOKE ARMS
Extended Length 85.75 inches 2178 mm
Extended Overall Length 96.00 inches 2438 mm
HP@1000RPM 119 HP 89 kilowatts
HP@540RPM 77 HP 57 kilowatts
Length 60.00 inches 1524 mm
Outside Diameter 7.28 inches 185 mm
Shipping Dimensions 55.31″ L  ×  7.28″ H  ×  7.28″ W 140cm L  ×  18cm H  ×  18cm W
Shipping Volume 2931.34 in3 48036 cm3
Shipping Weight 52.50 pounds 24 kilograms
Weight 52.50 pounds 24 kilograms